Misogynistic Much?

I interrupt the tale of Asshole to bring you a rather disturbing conversation.

Yesterday, 9 a.m.

Buzz buzz.

I rolled over in bed and opened one eye, cursing the fact that I’d been too drunk to remember to put my phone in airplane mode when I went to bed. Head pounding, I picked it up and looked at the screen.

You have a new message!

I selected the POF app, and opened it:

4/21/2012 8:57AM
By what age do you suppose you’ll be having kids?

Something about this rather personal question rubbed me the wrong way, but I wanted to know where this guy was going with it, so I responded:

4/21/2012 9:14AM
I'm not going to put time limits on myself; girls make themselves crazy by doing that. If it happens, it happens. Why do you ask?

4/21/2012 9:17AM
Not putting time limits on yourself just allows you to go on having a good time and not getting things done before you get old. I've talked to a lot of women in their 30's that missed the marriage boat because they were busy having sex with a series of guys and whiled away their youth having fun and thinking that when they were done, there would be an amazing man waiting to marry them when all of their previous good times guys wouldn'tr marry them. Most woman are busy lying to themselves.

"IT" will only happen if you choose to make it happen! So far, the only thing you have chosen to make happen is practicing having babies with a number of guys.

4/21/2012 9:25AM
I have not found the right person to marry yet, and I would rather be single than settle (and most of the women I know who jumped on that marriage boat you speak of are now in the process of a divorce.) I have, however, been in a number of long-term relationships, not "busy having sex with a series of guys", as you put it. You don't know me or my history, so don't assume.

How are the judgmental tactics working out for you?

4/21/2012 9:37AM
Every guy that you chose to have sex with was the right person. You've settled ever time you had sex with a guy...I don't know why you won't admit to yourself that you settled for the guys you've been with.

Most woman are in the process of divorce because they chose poorly...like they did in a ll otheir previous relationships and they tend to not have the commitment to see anything though these days

You've been with a number of men sexually. Because so, you'll never be able to commit or be satisfied with one man for 50 years. At your age, you've ruined yourself for anything lasting. And, you've also done things that a man just doesn't want to marry a woman because of.(i.e., you've been many other men's commonlaw wife and given the milk away for free) But, you had a good time.,..and that is what women value most these days.

If you were in "NUMBER" of long term relationships...then all failed and you were inded bouncing from one man to the next. You number of sexual partner is 8-24. That is being very busy being promiscuous. I do know your history...you said yourself you have been in a "number (5,6,7,8 etc of juts longterm relationship...no t mention short term of one night stsnad or FWB.

My Judgment is working great! : ) It's kept me from ending up with sloppy seconds...it's kept me from marrying other men's play things...woman that are loose and gave it away to other guys. I don't want that kind of woman..I prefer to never have a woman again rather than have a sullied morally corrupt woman.

4/21/2012 9:48AM
I'm not even going to dignify your nonsense with an argument, but I'm curious as to why you would bother messaging me? You've already decided who I am, so why waste our time?

4/21/2012 9:52AM
You're just too lazy to do so.

Don't ask me to "dignify" any question of your's when you don't have the deceny to do the same. I don't see you ever marrying or having kids...but, that's just my extensive experience as a sociology major at play.

8-24! No doubt about it...that's why you won't "dignify" with a reply! ; )

4/21/2012 9:56AM
You've taken up enough of my time. Goodbye and good luck; I hope you find your virgin! ;)

4/21/2012 10:01AM
I do too! Because I won't be having what is left of a girl like you after she has shagged one guy after another with no thought of the man she hoped to marry on day. You've lived to satisfy your desires...and have been with one man after another. What is left of you after where you have been isn't worth marrying.


WTF? Does this guy just go around POF, picking fights with women? I don’t understand it, but I thank him for the blog material.

Now back to our regularly scheduled story…

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