Man Up

Mar 11, 2011 – 9:54am

wow.. your up early ...

are you watching the sunami news?

hopefully you don't have any family/friends affected...

on a more cheerful note... what about getting together this weekend?

i would love to get to know you better...

give me a shout... jacob

Mar 16, 2011 – 4:59pm

Tick tock, tick tock…
Time comes and goes… but never returns…
Every moment we have not connected is lost…
I would rather spend it getting to know you better…
Hopefully you feel the same…

We all eat and drink…
Let’s break some bread and wine together…
Reaching out through time and space to you…
Blinded by the light…
I’ll turn you on to something strong…


Mar 21, 2011 – 5:24am

your not making this easy... but, i suppose you don't have to make it easy for me...

all I am saying... i would love for us to get to know each other better.

all I am saying... make a step... i've been running head first towards you.

all I am saying....this shouldn't be so complicated.

all I am saying... you also want to meet someone to share with.

all I am saying... let's make it real.

all I am saying... man up... let's do this.


Mar 29, 2011 – 12:31pm

Here… let me try and make this easier for you… I was shocked to see someone as good as you on an online web thingy… normally you would only meet someone like yourself through a friend or something… but here we are….

You know by now that I like you and I think we would be good together… you know little about me, so I put a list together below… things I think are some of my “better” qualities…

Bottom line… let’s get together… tell me what you are looking for… I’m confident I found what I am looking for…

• accepts you as you are
• adventurous in bed and out
• allows you your own space
• am a positive person and has a positive outlook most of the time
• amazes you
• builds you up and helps you to be a better woman
• can more than satisfy sexually
• compassionate
• does not play video games obsessively
• doesn’t complain about everything
• doesn’t do drugs
• doesn’t hold grudges
• doesn’t make you worry or fearful
• emotionally stable
• encourages you
• faithful
• family oriented
• financially secure
• fun
• funny
• handles conflict with maturity
• has a positive outlook on life
• has a sense of humour
• has ambition
• has morals
• has patience
• has self-respect
• helpful
• hold your hand, just because
• honest
• intelligent
• is not a follower
• is patient with you
• is there for you
• is your best friend
• is your hero
• isn’t a slob
• is kind
• knows how to cook
• likes animals (but allergic to cats)
• likes to cook on the grill
• likes to hold you just because
• likes to just hold you
• likes to just sit on the deck and chill
• loves to go out and have a drink and chill
• loves you unconditionally
• makes you a priority in my life
• makes you feel secure and loved
• makes you smile
• makes you smile / laugh
• mild jealously
• means what I say
• not an alcoholic / only moderate social drinking
• not Lazy.. still to be determined
• not clingy
• respects you
• romantic
• secure in a relationship
• someone you can confide in
• someone you can talk to
• stands up for you
• surprises you every once in a while
• thinks you are all that (in my eyes)
• understanding
• willing to help
• willing to hire someone to do yard work
• your best friend

He finally gave up after I messaged him and told him I have a cat, so it would never work. I really expected him to put up more of a fight, but I'm sure the next crazy person will be along shortly.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Sorry if I double commented here, but this guy has been pestering me on OKCupid since March! With the exact same messages no less. I Google searched some of the text and came across your blog.

    I was never able to "man up" and reject him directly. I figured it would only encourage him.