On The Fence

Just before Labour Day weekend, I had date number two with Camera Guy. The plan was to meet at Queen & Spadina so we could go shoot some pool at The Rivoli. It was a very hot and humid night in Toronto, and I made the mistake of walking all the way from the subway station to our meeting spot. By the time I got there, I was a disgusting, sweaty mess.

Camera Guy was sitting on a newspaper box, and I bumped his knee to get his attention.

"Hey!" he said, and hopped down.

"Okay, it's like a million degrees out here. I'm all gross. Sorry about that," I said, tugging at my light sweater.

He laughed, "Not at all. Pool?"

"Prepare to have your ass handed to you."

"Oh, you're on," he replied.

We walked to The Rivoli and he directed me up the stairs to the pool tables. Unfortunately, we discovered a very large crowd of people watching a show in the pool area. So much for that.

We headed back down the stairs and stood on the sidewalk. I couldn't take the heat a second longer, peeled off my sweater and stuffed it into my purse.

"Sooo, what's the back-up plan?" he asked.

"You expect ME to have a back-up plan?"

"Fair enough. Well, we could walk around for a bit, then maybe have a couple drinks somewhere?"

"Deal," I replied.

So we walked. And walked. And walked some more. I actually had a blister the next day from all the walking. It was a good walk though, as we got to know each other better. I discovered that he had never been in a relationship longer than six months, which I thought was a little odd for someone in their mid-thirties. Commitment issues?

Finally, we both agreed that we couldn't walk any further, and found a patio where we could give our feet a rest and have a couple drinks. I was still trying to determine if I was feeling a friendship vibe or a more than friendship vibe, but I knew I really liked him. He was funny, positive, and incredibly chill.

Before we knew it, it was after eleven, and both of us had to be up at the crack of dawn. We walked to the subway (I was slightly inebriated), and rode together for a couple stops. Suddenly, I started to giggle.

"What's so funny, Redhead?"

"Your jeans have holes in them!"

He laughed, "Yes, yes they do. Air conditioning. You just noticed?"

I nodded. And then I saw the pair of super geeks sitting on the opposite side of the subway car. One of them was wearing a pair of shorts straight out of the 80's; all neon and shit. They looked just like something I had worn in the fifth grade. This made me laugh harder, and Camera Guy shook his head and laughed at me.

"This is my stop. See you when you get back from London?"

I nodded, and suddenly his lips were on mine. It was completely unexpected, but also one of the sweetest first kisses I've ever had. He didn't try to jam his tongue down my throat, just kissed me softly three times, stood up, and left the subway car.

I sat there stunned for a minute, and I think I may have had that goofy teenage girl smile on my face for a couple stops.

"Hey! HEY! Cute girl!"

My thoughts were interrupted by Team Nerd, standing at the doors in front of me, waving.

"Hi?" I replied.

They boy-giggled (I don't think they could have been more than 20-years-old), and the subway doors opened. "Bye, cute girl! Have a good night!"

I smiled and replied, "You too," waiting until they had left the car and were out of earshot before I mumbled, "And nice shorts."

After I got back from a weekend in London that consisted of hill drinking/stumbling home/fetching a construction pylon/eating a ton of pizza/passing out on my parents' living room floor in fetal position/watching Stef take out small children for the sake of my new Lululemon bag/drinking way too many El NiƱos at a martini bar/eating more pizza/passing out on my brother's couch in his too-small pants/waking up with a pinched nerve in my shoulder/Advil, heating pad & pie remedy/late night Chicken McNuggets on the way home/calling in sick to work (because I'm 30 going on 17, apparently), Camera Guy and I made plans to see a movie the following weekend.

After a yoga class and a pretty hardcore nap, I woke up feeling not so hot (I'd been fighting off a cold/flu or suffering from some serious hay fever), but jumped in the shower so I wouldn't be running late when he called.

Only, he didn't call. By nine-thirty I was super unimpressed, and called my mom to vent. The other line beeped, and I checked my phone. Camera Guy. "I'm not answering!" I told her.

When I got off the phone, I checked my voicemail, and felt like an ass when he said that he had texted me, but hadn't received a reply, so were we still on? Turns out that Telus' messaging system had been down for hours. By this point, it was after ten, and I was feeling worse. I signed on to MSN and he offered to come and pick me up, but I didn't want him to get sick, so we made plans to go bowling a few days later.

Bowling was a blast, probably because I was drinking beer at the same time. I was competitive and a major shit talker, but he kicked my ass.

Knowing that I had to be up early for work the next morning, Camera Guy took me home after bowling, and leaned in for a kiss, which wasn't horrible, but didn't stop time or anything.

Inside, I gave Willow a pat, sighed and said, "I'm not sure how I feel about this one, Will. I'm on the fence."

Yes, I talk to my cat.

Camera Guy wanted to meet up again, and I agreed. Since my budget is a little tight right now (we'd been splitting the cost of everything), I invited him over to my place for some homemade pizza.

And that's when things went horribly wrong…

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