Grow a Pair

Last week, I received the following message from Wilderness Man in my POF inbox:

Back online and looking, eh?

I must admit, I was surprised that you ended things via text/MSN. I really expected more from you.

Well, good luck to you.

This message REALLY pissed me off, for a number of reasons:

a) WHY do these guys feel it necessary to send a bitter message? What do they think it's going to accomplish? I wish they would save themselves the embarrassment and just let it go.
b) I'm sorry, did he think I deleted my account because I went on a few dates with him? Hahahahahaha. Yeah, he wasn't looking for anything serious at all.
c) Spare me the hypocritical moral high ground.
d) Don't try to have the last word with me. You will lose.

I know I should have said nothing, but my anger got the best of me, and I sent a quick message back to Wilderness Man:


Back and looking? My account was never deleted. Like I said, I don't have much free time right now, and although you deny it, I'm quite sure you were looking for something more serious.

And for the record, YOU initiated conversation via text/MSN, so don't pin that on me.

Good luck to you as well.

What I really wanted to say? 95% of the reason I ended things with you is due to your foul breath and horrendous kissing skills. You might want to work on those before you date anyone else.

And, because my life can ALWAYS get worse, I also received this e-mail from the Stage 8 Clinger:

From: Marathon Guy
Subject: So…6 months later‏

I wonder if Redhead will let me know what's up.

I haven't met anyone I've liked nearly as much as you. No one I liked to kiss as much either.

What happened dude?

Have these people no shame?! Grow a pair, suck it up, and walk away!


  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Man, I thought I was creepy and weird sometimes to women online. But it appears I've been outdone 100 fold by most of the guys you speak of. All I do sometimes is send one email back if they hadn't emailed me back in awhile (That is if they emailed me back in the first place) and it isn't really weird like these other guys seem. I'm definitely learning by reading your posts!

  2. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Hey Redhead- I am a female 26 years old. I was glancing over your blogs, and while I was initially disheartended by your story, I overall found your blogs to be full of misandry and rage. I haven't had a boyfriend in a year (have dated here and there) and I don't use online dating normally but I just think that it sounds like you have a serious problem if you think you need to be dating someone 24/7. And from the sounds of it, you sound very unhappy whether in or out of a relationship. Am I different than most women in that I feel good being independent, that I don't blame men for any issues?

  3. Hi female, 26 years old. I'm sorry, what gives you the impression that I think I need to be dating someone 24/7? I haven't dated anyone seriously for almost two years now. And if you'll notice, sometimes my posts are few and far between, as I'm more selective in my old age, and would prefer to go out with someone I might have a real connection with. That said, I've been hurt (there is an upcoming post that I'm going to have a great deal of difficulty writing), and I'm cautious with my heart.

    I'm extremely independent, nearly to a fault, and I love that about myself. I certainly don't need a man to take care of me. I always take time after a relationship to be alone and find myself again. If I find the right person, then I do. If I don't, then I'm fine on my own. However, you can't blame a girl for needing to get laid every once in awhile...I'm only human!

    Yes, I'm VERY sarcastic (many people don't "get" my sense of humour, and I guess it would be easier for you to understand if you actually knew me) and a little jaded, but I'm still optimistic that I will eventually find the right person for me...or I wouldn't be dating at all.