Separated at birth?

I should have known Marathon Guy wouldn't leave quietly, as he appears to be the long-lost twin brother of The Lawyer.

Last week, I received this e-mail:

From: Marathon Guy
Subject: Can we talk now?

I hope whatever happened has passed.
I miss talking and I hope we can get some closure.

Okay, really? We went on ONE date, and the closure would have been the part where I hadn't contacted him since I told him to back off, and blocked him when he refused to do so.

Last night I was horrified to discover another message from him in my inbox:

From: Marathon Guy
Subject: This is really the last one....no matter what

Whatever I did....annoy you...or whatever....it can't be so bad that
you can't tell me what happened.
I didn't kill anyone. I really don't know what I did. So can you at
least tell me so I can get over it?

My brothers have both advised me not to reply to him, because he seems certifiable. I just cannot begin to understand why he would harass me like this after one date; he's acting like I left him at the altar, not the subway station!

No matter how well I thought a date had gone, if I contacted the guy even once afterward and he didn't get back to me, I would walk away. I might wonder what happened, bitch about it on my blog, and want to call and rip him a new one, but my pride would get in the way. As my friend said to me last night, "I may have crazy thoughts, but I know to keep them in my head!"

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