Subway Stalker

A week ago Thursday, I was sitting against the window on the subway first thing in the morning, dozing. I had been working stupid amounts of overtime all week, in preparation for my time off over the holidays. The night before, I didn't get home until about 9:30pm, ate a quick meal, and crashed. I woke up late and exhausted, dragging myself around my apartment, resigned to the fact that I would be late for work.

The subway was just pulling into Keele station when I felt my iPhone vibrate in my purse. I dug around for it, pulled it out, and saw a text message from an unknown number:

There's this hot chick on the subway. I want to talk to her, but I'm not sure how to approach her?

Slowly I raised my head and started to scan the subway car, slightly paranoid. That was when the guy sitting beside me started to laugh. Whipping my head around, I saw that Cutie was sitting beside me, doubled over in laughter. I punched him really hard in the arm, and he held out a picture that he had taken of me sleeping.

"I almost sent it to you, but I thought you might freak out," he chuckled, and I punched him again.

The two of us chatted all the way to the end of the subway line, and then went our separate ways. Later that night, he sent me a text, asking me to be late again the next morning. Why does he have to be so adorable?

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