Douchebag, circa 2003

I received a smile from this fine gentleman the other day:

In My Own Words
Every so often I find myself yearning to connect with someone new.....I love my family, but I do miss the feeling of meeting somone for the first time....and the rush that comes with sharing myself with someone who I just met....The newness of it, the honesty,the freshness...these all come together to create for me a much needed and compelling escape from my world so I can return renewed and refreshed. I am searching for a special female companion...someone to escape with now and then...to a secret hideaway where we can be ourselves and live in the present...Where there is no past, no future ..just the moment.. If you can relate, are self-confident, and are between 28 and 48 years of age...and can be very discreet....write me me if you want to make your life richer.....and create memories to last a lifetime....SMILES.

I just love how he tries to make an extramarital affair sound so eloquent. SMILES.

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