Pocket Full of Sunshine

Thought I'd share an e-mail I received last night:

Hello .I checked your profile,i love what i see in you.I have so much to tell you.I'm here trying hard to figure out which one should come first..lol..Its a good thing you profile description allows me to be as romantic as i could,but at the same time being respectful,kind and gentle.You are 29?wow,that is really important to me because it really tells me that you are at a point in your life where you know what you want,you have heard it all,seen it all and will know when something is real and worth fighting for.(you got 10 out of 10 age wise.)

Beauty?Your photos left me giggling and smiling.You are the kind of woman i would love to wake up next to for the rest of my life.You are the kind of woman i would love the whole world to know about,you are that special girl i would love to introduce to my mother and the rest of my friends and family.I see myself getting attracted to you physically when i meet you in person.Among others,that long flowing hair is such a huge attraction to me.Those piercing eyes are just what i wanna look into every night and morning.Your smile especially on the third photo defines exactly how my life is and what happiness means to me.

All in all,i'm impressed with you,you have a life,in you,i just dont see a lover,i see a life partner,my best friend,my source of motivation,my pride,my pocket full of sunshine.This according to me,is more than enough to get to know you and take every thing step by step.Yes Its easier said than done,but i feel that you are worth everything that a real man can give and have.

My name is Victor,please know that you caught my attention,you have it all that i'm looking for,yes i'm not perfect and its all easier said than done,BUT i'm a go getter,i dont work on fear and failure,i take chances and i have been right in many INSTANCES .To me,you are my new begining,a begining i would love to go through and i'm sure i will love the ride to my destiny...LOVE...

Can't. stop. laughing.


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I don't get why INSTANCES is the only word in caps...

  2. Yeah, I found that odd as well.