Remind me why I'm doing this?

Wow, I forgot how much I hate online dating. I'm back on Lava and POF, but the pickings appear slim. It seems like the only messages I'm getting are from guys who are 39+ and fresh off the boat, so to speak. Ahoy.

And then there's my boss, who apparently got shit-faced at her cottage and started talking me up to the 29-year-old who has a family cottage down the road. She's getting me his e-mail so I can add him to Facebook. Then she went inside and discovered that she had purple wine lips and mascara smeared across her face, so I'm sure he considers her a reliable source. As she would say, "good times".

I'm considering eHarmony, but I really don't have the extra cash to shell out (I've heard it's stupid expensive), as I'm paying off my debts and then plan to take driving lessons (I will warn you all when I'm on the road, I promise).

Oh hey, and if anyone wants e-mail notification when I update the blog, just send me your e-mail address: confessionsofaredhead[at]gmail[dot]com.

Working on the tale of Jesus Crusher. Sit tight, kids.

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