PR Guy - Part II

So I had date #2 with PR guy Wednesday night, and again, things went very well. I know, WTF? At this point I'm waiting for him to announce a preference for small children, a superfluous third nipple, or, being from farm country, a thing for barnyard creatures.

I met him at Davisville subway station at eight, and we walked down to the Bull and Firkin for some drinks and pool. I ordered a Wild Grape Smirnoff Twister (it DOES taste just like a grape freezee!) and he ordered some vodka-soda-lime thing and we just talked, discovering more in common: our grandmothers both bought us New Kids on the Block sweatshirts in grade seven (don't even ask how we ended up talking about THAT) and a hatred for Nicklecrap and Sloan. A drink and a half later, I realized that I hadn't had dinner and was well on my way to being tipsy, so I challenged him to a game of pool.

I totally kicked his ass the first two games, and then he suggested we start wagering. In my slightly alcohol-soaked state, thinking I had magically developed some kick-ass pool skills, I agreed and suggested that the loser had to buy the winner dinner. He agreed.

PR Guy is a pool shark, and two games later, I owed him dinner AND a movie.

We sat down to finish our drinks and then he walked me home and kissed me goodnight (there was tongue involved this time! OooOOoh, wouldn't The Lawyer be jealous?) and said we'd talk soon.

I haven't talked to him since, but A) I wasn't home until really late the next night, B) He went to Ingersoll for the weekend, so C) I'll probably never hear from him again.

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  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    COME ON PR GUY!!!!

    PLEASE BE NORMAL!?!?!?!?! Please!