PR Guy - Dates 3 and 4

I know, I know -- I've been slow with the updates. I've been having a pretty crazy couple of weeks...the birth of my Godson, problems with an ex (I'll post it, don't worry), a broken television, misery at work...this girl is in need of some serious binge drinking -- who's in?

So now I've had FOUR dates with PR guy...that's right, he made it past the three date mark!

For date #3, I met him down at the Paramount to see The Omen. I paid because I owed him a movie after he kicked my ass in pool (he didn't fight me at all - is this a sign he's cheap? We've gone half and half on everything so far. Angie suggested that maybe he's not so much cheap as just not generous. I'm an independent person who doesn't have a problem paying for myself, but Angie also suggested that it would be nice if he offered to pay, especially the first couple of times. Thoughts?). Anyways, so The Omen sucked. I'm not going to ruin it for everyone, but I suggest that rather than waiting for video, you wait for it to run on TBS.

We walked up to Starbucks on Queen St. (he paid for my water, as he had a gift certificate to use up) and we sat out on the patio, froze our asses off (it was a cold weekend) and just talked until they closed the place down.

He walked me to the subway station and gave me a hug and quick kiss goodbye, as he was getting over a head cold and didn't want to give it to me.

Last Sunday night, we had date #4. He suggested we either go to Yuk Yuk's or on a walk down by the lake. I thought the second option was a much better idea, since the weather was so nice.

I met him at his building and we walked down to the lakeshore and watched the planes take off from the island airport, walked some more, and found this park with this crazy sculpted lion slide (heck yes I went down the slide -- he laughed at me and then he did it too).

We sat in the park and talked for a long time about anything and everything, and then we heard this weird grunting noise. We turned around and there was this crazy man in a motorized wheelchair, chasing a Chihuahua and grunting at it. FUNNIEST. THING. EVER.

PR Guy took me back to his apartment building to show me the view from his rooftop and OH. MY. GOD. He's right on the lakeshore and has this AMAZING view of both the lake and the skyline. It literally took my breath away. However, leaning over the edge made me a bit nauseous (I can deal with heights, but I don't love them) and he was laughing at me, but also using it as an excuse to put his arm around me.

PR Guy took me back downstairs to his apartment, where I met one of his roomates and got a tour of the place (floor to ceiling windows, a games room and exercise room in the building, canoes to take out on the lake, and that view from the rooftop? I am SO jealous!). He took me in his room and suddenly came over and gave me a big hug and I blurted out, "I like you." I immediately wanted to smack myself in the forehead. Who says that? What am I, 26 going on 12?

He laughed and said, "I like you too."

"Interesting," I said.

"Yes it is," he replied.

It was really late and I had to get going, but we had a quick kissing session first. This boy moves SLOW (must be a small town guy thing) because he hasn't tried to grope me or ANYTHING. WTF? If I'm going to blurt out stupid things like, "I like you", I'm afraid what will come out of my mouth when I grow impatient with this snail pace. Grope me? Feel me up? Let's get busy?

Oh dear God.

P.S. I need some interesting date ideas, so this is where you faithful readers come in. Maybe it's time to do an afternoon date at Centre Island? I want to do something fun and different. Help me out here!


  1. Amanda2:59 PM

    Perhaps the zoo?

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Screw the zoo. That idea has been tainted for me FOREVER!

  3. Hey now, I think the zoo is a good idea!

    What else have we got, people?

  4. you know who9:19 AM

    Why not do one of those pottery classes with that spinny thing they had on the sexy scene in GHOST.

    Thats hot...

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Just wanted to add .... remember that most guys don't want to marry the girl that sleeps with them right away, take it slow get to know him!!! As my husband said if he wanted sex he could have gotten it anywhere but he wanted a relationship with me hence taking it slow!!!!

  6. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I'm not down with taking it slow for the sake of taking it slow. I like sex. If I'm going to have a serious relationship, I want to know that she also likes sex. Or doesn't mind me having sex without her. I'd prefer the first case.
    Anyways, I have heard the taking it slow idea before, but with me personally I think it would backfire.
    Also, good date ideas: day trip to Niagara falls (with the potential for overnight trip if you're down with that), day trip to Wasaga (ditto), live music (preferrably jazz, a play (if you're real classy, hit up Stratford for some shakespeare. I never know what they're saying, but they really mean whatever it is they're rambling about), zoo/museum, rent sea-doos, or just get really sloshed.

  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I take it your not married, hence you don't take it slow ....my point exactly. If you want a relationship or you just want to have fun (sex) two different situations. Think about it...
    There is nothing wrong with sex but it does add confusion and sometimes makes you think you like a person when all you really like is the sex!!! Taking it slow doesn't mean wait a certain time it means get to actually know a person well before you jump into bed, this could be weeks, months, etc... depends on the amount of time you spend with them and speaking with them!!!

  8. Anonymous4:18 PM

    of course it's a good idea to take it slowly when looking for a relationship...however, better to know fairly soon if there's heat...otherwise the rest is just a waste of time!!!

  9. Anonymous8:23 PM