New Guy Sucks

Alright, so fuck it. As far as I'm concerned, new guy is toast. And as toast, he automatically becomes a blog victim.

The Tuesday before Speed Dating, I had a date with a really nice guy. We met at the Firkin at Yonge and Eglinton and had a great time. We had a lot in common and spent the whole night talking and laughing. There were no awkward silences, and at the end of the night he asked me if I would like to go out again, and I said I would. He e-mailed me the next day, telling me that he had a great time and wanted my phone number and would call me on Monday, when I was done with the baby shower for my best friend. We e-mailed back and forth throughout the week and he actually called Monday when he said he would. It appeared that hell had frozen over.

A week from Friday later, we had our date and it went very well. He took me to this cute little Italian restaurant on Bloor St. We had wine (no guy has EVER ordered wine), conversation was great and I found myself really liking him. He was 31, lived on his own, loved his cat, worked as a typesetter/book cover designer, and had the same taste in books and music as myself. We took the subway home and he was teasing me a lot and found all these reasons to grab my hand or touch my arm, and then he put his arm around me for most of the ride home. At my stop, he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss before I hopped off the subway.

I e-mailed him the next day to thank him for dinner and tell him I had a really good time. He sent a quick e-mail back:

Hey there,

I'm exhausted. Getting up early sucks.

I had a good time too. :)

New Guy

That had to be his shortest e-mail ever, and my intuition started to scream. I e-mailed him back the next day, keeping things light, and didn't hear from him. At night school, I explained the situation to Angie and started to rant about my ever-growing hatred for men, while puffing angrily on my cigarette. She said that he had until the next day to answer me, and then he was a write-off.

So the next day I went into work, fully expecting an empty inbox. And to my surprise:

From : New Guy
Subject : I'm ill -- and it's not cause of the pepsi!
(Our running joke was that I'm a die-hard Coke fan, while he prefers Pepsi)

Hi Redhead,

Yup... I feel awful. I think I have the flu or something. I'll spare you the graphic details, but I feel terrible. Left work early.

My weekend was ok. Meetings and short bursts inbetween that I spent mainly surfing the net cause I hadn't the time to do much of anything else. I was so looking forward to coming home.

Got home.

Then... poof! I feel so blah!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun??

Well, I'm going back to bed. Hope tomorrow is a great day for you!

New Guy

Fuck, good save dude. I wrote him back and our e-mails continued over the next week. He had a sinus infection that turned into bronchitis and wasn't going in to work. I decided to test him by asking him to give me a call the following Sunday night. He told me that he might be at his mom's for Easter dinner, but would call me either Sunday or Monday.

Sunday, nothing. Monday he pops onto MSN to tell me that he can't stop coughing and isn't able to talk on the phone. We talked on MSN for awhile and this is how the conversation ended:

New Guy says: Sorry Redhead... I'm not doing so good here. I think i need to go lay down (I sound like such a wimp, I know). When I'm better -- you know -- not coughing up a lung and not contagious, would you be up for doing something? Movie, or whatever?

New Guy says: Karaoke?!

Redhead says: Hahaha, sure I'd be up for something! We'll discuss the karaoke (it might involve bribery). Go get some rest, sicky.

New Guy says: Talk soon...

Redhead says: Feel better.

I had started an e-mail to him, so I sent it and he replied the next day. I wrote back...and that's the last I heard from him. That was last Tuesday. I've seen him pop up on Lava a few times, so he's not so sick that he isn't able to use a computer.

I DON'T get it. Why would he bother asking me out again if he wasn't interested? Guys, please toss in some perspective here (and I KNOW there are guys reading this blog who aren't commenting - I have spies on the inside).

I'm also going to pose the question: Do I e-mail him? Ask what happened to him and how he's feeling, just for cusiosity's sake? Input, please and thank you.


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    This guy is sick ALL the time, you don't need a walking germ anyways! What an assclown!

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I would try and find out what happened, maybe he has a good reason for ignoring you.

  3. I e-mailed him...now we just wait and see what happens.

    I will NEVER understand the male species.

    Hey, doesn't 'He's Just Not That Into You' claim there is NEVER a good reason for a guy to ignore you?

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Send him a list of doctors and drugstores.

    GERMACIDEL - means: of the germy type, needs to go to doctor and get medicine.