It's his birthday and he'll cry if he wants to

I know I've said this before, but remember how I mentioned The Lawyer wouldn't go away without a fight?

Am I to think you don't even miss me a bit?

Aw you know Redhead...you might really hate me one day...but I'm not ready to give up yet.
I dont care if I make an ass of myself. you're worth it.

Don't tell anyone.
I miss you.

It's my birthday...therefore you should really give more thought of going on a date with me again.
I think we have more to give each other....mind you..I'm still completely blinded by how pretty you are.

So yeah I'm a pain, but i try to be cute while i'm being a pest. So here's the deal. No I'm not usually like this...but the way you acted...has lead me to believe there's more than what you've told me. I just think you kinda still like me. And that's either because I'm insane or an egotist.

I don't think you're seeing anyone since you're still on POF...but that doesn't matter.

The thing is....I think you know that I'd have been cool staying friends...so you're running away because...you either still care for me or you don't think I could just be friends. And considering I always kept my hands to myself and always treated you with (too much) respect..to the point of being boring...you should know I'd be cool with that.

Yes my b-day was on the weekend..and I was hoping you'd give this some thought.

I want another chance.

Its been long enough....that if I didn't think you were the shit..I'd have given up by now.

WHAT. THE. FUCK? Here are my issues with this:
1) the way you acted...has lead (his english skills are quite developed for a lawyer) me to believe there's more than what you've told me
The way I acted? Acted about what? Not giving him tongue? Because I think that sent a pretty clear message!
2) I just think you kinda still like me. Yes, because ignoring him for over a month is a sure sign I still like him. Oy.
3) He's talking about being friends, and then says he wants another chance, and I'm sure that DOESN'T mean as "friends".

What do I DO?


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    email him....APPEAL DENIED!
    That's language he should understand. Or you can send him the link to this blog....hahahaha

  2. Curlygirl here - what's is this loser's first name? I'm trying to get rid of a lawyer myself!

  3. Hey there Curlygirl! His first name is Eric. He sent me two more e-mails today, the last promising he wouldn't be a stalker and bother me anymore, but it was worth another shot and he just wished we could be friends. Vomit (all over boots) :)

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Get a restraining order.