Don't Be Cruel

So every morning as I get ready for work, I listen to the Dean Blundell show on 102.1 The Edge. On Friday morning, Dean, Jason and Todd were having a great time interviewing people waiting in line for the Canadian Idol auditions, which were happening at the Elgin theatre across the street from them.

I was straightening my hair when Todd said, "Hey there, what's your name?"

When the guy said his name, I nearly dropped my straightener and/or hairbrush and my jaw hit the floor. It was Elvis.

Todd asked the guy how old he was and the guy said, "Twenty-eight."

"OMIGOD!" I yelled at Willow, "It IS him!"

Todd asked the guy if he had a girlfriend and he paused and then said, "No." (haha, I guess the lets-get-engaged-after-knowing-each-other-ten-minutes tactics STILL weren't working).

Todd asked if he had a boyfriend then, and the guy laughed and said, "No." Todd whispered that he thought the guy might be gay, since he was wearing eyeliner (and I know that he wears eyeliner for his Elvis shows).

Todd then asked him to sing and he didn't do so well and Todd said, "Uh dude, that was kinda creepy," and walked away from him.

I was literally on the floor of my bathroom, laughing my ass off. Here's hoping Elvis gets on TV - I am SO watching!

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