Skater Boi

During the course of the whole Toph disaster, I received an e-mail from a 33 year-old former skateboarder...we'll call him Skater. Skater seemed like a pretty decent guy - we had some good conversation and decided to meet up for drinks one night.

I met him at Yonge and Eglinton and for the first time, this guy looked EXACTLY like his pictures...talk about relief! We walked to a bar down the street and had a few drinks. We discovered that we had the exact same taste in music (he swore that he saw me at the Phoenix the weekend before) and the same sense of humour. I tried to convince him to get up on the table and dance, but it was a no go. Now let me tell you that the most awkard moment of a date is when the bill comes. The server puts it on the table and you both tend to look at it with dread. This whole dating world is very new to me, and it's so hard to figure out whether or not a guy wants you to pay for your share of the bill. I pulled out my wallet and asked him how much I owed, and he told me, so I paid for my half. Skater gave me a big hug goodnight and asked if we could go out again. I agreed.

A week or so later, we met at Yonge and Eglinton again (I found him sitting on some stairs, reading Harry Potter - bonus points!!), and headed to Philthy McNasty's for drinks. During this conversation, I found out that he was living at home with his parents. BOOOOOOOO! Does EVERYONE live at home well into their 30s now? Call me crazy, but I've been taking care of myself since I was 18 years old, and I have no intentions of EVER living with my parents again. It's an independence thing. Plus there's the uncomfortability that comes with waking up in the morning and having to walk past the parents and say, "Good morning!" in your pj's with your rumpled hair, while you might as well have a blinking sign on your forehead that says, HI! I SLEPT WITH YOUR SON LAST NIGHT! Not that I've ever been in that situation :-/

Anyways...so our conversation led to the fact that he's looking for a serious relationship, but is not sure he ever wants kids. And thus began his descent from grace. The thing is that I KNOW I want children someday. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week, but someday. I've been through the bullshit, and I don't want to waste my time with someone who doesn't want the same things I do (this is also my last serious relationship rearing its ugly head...I'm not bitter...I'm NOT bitter...) or is unsure...especially at 33 years of age! I think it was at that moment that Skater and I realized we would make better friends. We talked on MSN off and on, but never made plans to meet again. The flirting stopped, and the friendship-like joking around started.

And THEN msngeeks.com (a valuable tool) informed me that Skater had deleted me. DELETED ME! I was stunned and pissed, so I deleted him. Ha! Take that! Friends my ass. And then a couple months later, he sends me an e-mail asking how I'm doing and such. Ha! I wrote back and said, "Dude, WTF? I saw you at the Phoenix and didn't talk to you because you DELETED me!" He apologized and said his computer had effed up and his list got deleted and such...which I HAVE heard from a number of people. Ah whatever, he added me back and we talked off and on again.

Guess what? I've been deleted AGAIN! Eff this.

Wow, I swear like a trucker when I'm mad! That's hot.

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