Déjà Vu

Sooooo...a couple days after Elvis left the building, I got an e-mail from a guy we shall call James. I had received an e-mail from James on POF about a month before, we talked on MSN and had a really great conversation, made plans to meet up one Sunday for coffee, and then he called to cancel because he had to go into work because someone called in sick. A few weeks later, I discovered I was deleted, but I had moved onto other things anyways (read: Blue Suede Shoes).

In this e-mail, James apologized for disappearing, told me it was a long story, and wanted to know if I was still interested in that coffee. I was skeptical (I really hate giving people second chances) but I'm WAY too nice for my own good, so I added him back to MSN.

James says:Hey there, long time no talk. Just sent you an email.

Redhead says:Hey, I got it. Thanks...I thought maybe I said something really really wrong, lol.

James says:Lol, nope. About a couple of weeks ago my brother had a bunch of his friends over and one of them hacked into all of our email accounts to show off, and changed the passwords. Then my brother got scared he'd get in trouble so he never told us. And all of us were wondering why we couldn't open our mail anymore, or go on MSN. We finally dragged it out of my brother and had to get the friend to tell us what he changed our passwords to. Mine was "meatloaf".

Okay, so once I was done laughing about "meatloaf", I figured this story was too funny to be a lie, so I agreed to give the coffee date a second chance. We met at my local Tim Hortons for "coffee" (he was cute!), and had a good laugh when we realized that neither of us actually drank coffee. We sat down and talked and got along quite well, so well in fact, that he told me he hadn't really thought past the point of coffee, but did I want to have dinner with him? And I usually never ever ever have dinner with someone I just met, but I liked him and I figured, ah, what the hell? At that point it was too early for dinner, so we walked up to Chapters at Yonge and Eglinton to look at some books, and I purchased a Dean Koontz book that he recommended to me.

We walked back down the Bull & Firkin (I am becoming a regular there) and had some dinner (discussed books, movies, music and ghost stories) and then played some pool (we both sucked...I got upset 'cause I thought I had the lucky cue and then lost miserably) and it was a good time because we had the exact same sense of humour.

"So...," James said as we left the bar, "If you don't have anywhere you have to be, do you want to go see a movie?"

I was still having a good time, and liked him, so we went back up to Yonge and Eglinton and saw Jarhead (good movie!) and THEN we went BACK to the Bull & Firkin and had some drinks.

Dudes, it was a TEN HOUR DATE. I didn't even realize how long it had been until he pointed it out.

So we talked again the next day and he told me that I'm an absolutely amazing person and he wanted to see where things could go with us. We set up a date for the following Wednesday night (possibly glow-in-the-dark bowling) and then the next weekend we planned to have a ghost date. Get this - in Port Perry there's this road where apparently some motorcyclist got killed and every night if you sit there, you can see a big headlight coming down the road and then it just vanishes! James had seen this himself, and when he told me about it I said that I MUST go! So we were going to go check out Ghost Road and then go to an apparently haunted bar, also in Port Perry. I was excited, and this guy was a lot of fun to hang out with.

And then he disappeared for two days.

My friends told me I was crazy, that there was nothing wrong, that he was just busy, that maybe his brother fucked with his computer again, that there was NO WAY this could happen to me twice in a row. I told them I wasn't crazy, that something was wrong, that no one was that busy, that brother or no brother, James had my phone number, and yes indeedy, this WOULD happen to me two times in a row.

Exactly ONE WEEK TO THE DAY (the powers that be are not without a sense of humour) that I had received "The E-Mail" from Elvis, I got "The E-Mail" from James:

Dear Redhead:

I'm so sorry for not being online these last few days. Things here have been a whirlwind of crazyness and I haven't been home much, never mind online. I did end up switching that shift on Wednesday and working the night. Yesterday I went out with one of the friends I was telling you about who recently came back from Switzerland and during the course of the night she reveiled that she has feelings for me. I did a lot of thinking myself and realized that it was something I'd like to pursue and see where it went. I'm sorry it had to work out this way, because I really did have a great time with you last saturday, but if you're still interested in another friend (one with a ghost obsession as large as yours) let me know. It's rare to find a friend these days. Hope to hear from you soon,


I called Stef and was laughing so hard she thought I was crying. The humour of the whole situation was not lost on me, and I honestly hadn't been sure if I had much in the way of romantic feelings for James, or if he was just good friend material. I e-mailed him back and told him I was completely cool with being friends, but we never ended up talking again.

Anyone up for some ghost hunting?

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