The Why

Alright, so I get tired of writing out e-mails about my bad dates, sending them to everyone, forgetting someone and re-sending, editing them for my mother, etc. Plus there's always the chance of getting in shit at work for using the office e-mail system (and hey, you never know who's reading those things). This blog will keep all of you updated (except for my mother, she'll still get the g-rated versions by e-mail) and you can add comments at will.

Everyone seems to think I should write a book, and I definitely think this is a good way to get started. I plan on going back to the beginning of this so-called dating life I've had, but I'm going to start with the latest date, 'cause I know that's the one you've all been waiting for.

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  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    You are very funny and you write very well. You SHOULD write a book - I'd buy it.

    I have a great book for you to read about the people we pick and how to see the mistakes we make over and over (I've been there). His theories about it are good - I just forget the name of the book, but I'll find it.

    Keep writing - if nothing else, you can read it later and laugh your ass off and it's good therapy for dealing with assholes - 99.5% are!!!